Thought leadership

Thought leadership

Our Strategic Education Community are a diverse pool of talented individuals such as education professionals and child development experts who all have a passion for shaping world class creative learning spaces.  They bring conviction, expertise and thought leadership.

As we grow as a community and explore new ways to connect and develop we hope to share more papers offering unique guidance and inspiration regarding innovative ways of unlocking the infinite potential of every child.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing and Creativity: From Colouring-in to Innovation [1.31 MB]

Creativity in all its myriad forms needs to be celebrated in the recovery curriculum and more importantly provided as ‘catch up’ for those children who have not benefited from these experiences, or who need both ‘catching up’ and ‘moving beyond’ the life limiting consequences of adverse childhood experiences and not least the multiple impacts of Covid-19.

Paper Boat: Working towards a world that unlocks the infinite potential of every child [1.22 MB]

In a world of increasing complexity and uncertainty we recognize that the best learning environments expand children’s horizons, open doors onto new worlds and instill in them the courage and confidence to step into and explore the unknown in imaginative, creative and playful ways.

Little Krishna: A case study that exists in the quantum field of infinite potential [1.59 MB]

This case study is only partially true – and is based on Krishna’s story as depicted in the following short film produced by CEDAR’s Alternative Media Centre. However, somewhere in the quantum field of infinite potential, it exists as a future reality.

Stronger together: Finding strength in the weave – a blog [1.14 MB]

Collaboration is a core Paper Boat value. In this blog, written in India by Kemal shortly before he joined the charity in his capacity as a Caplor Horizons advisor, our Director reflects on the collaborative spirit and why true strength is found in the weave.