New Horizons - Communicating Change to Longstanding Supporters

Some longstanding supporters of the charity may be surprised by the name, and the direction of travel that Paper Boat is pursuing. We, as a community, have gone through a lot of changes over the past few years, and are aware that not everyone will be aware of the waypoints through which we've travelled on this journey.

Hopefully the links below can answer any questions that you may have.

The charity launched “Paper Boat” as a new working name in February 2020, with the name formally adopted at our AGM in December 2020. The document below outlines some of the considerations that our voting members considered before passing the special resolution: Why rename – now is the time

Paper boats speak to the child in all of us because making paper boats is something that children from diverse cultures have done for hundreds of years. Transcending status and privilege, this simple, playful and creative act inspires joy and wonder in the hearts and minds of children. In making a paper boat, a child learns to create something new with what they have, and to see their imagination shape reality. Paper boats can embody a child’s dream – a hope that their fragile little vessel will defy all odds, traverse mighty flowing rivers and navigate boundless oceans to reach distant shores…the journey that the little paper boat can take is one of infinite possibility.

This is your space to tell us what most inspires and excites you about Paper Boat and what we can achieve together.

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