Operating model

Operating model

Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean, a rising tide that can lift all boats.

One of our core values is collaboration: here at Paper Boat we firmly believe that we are stronger together.  Keeping the children and creative learning spaces at the centre of all we do, we bring together diverse stakeholders who each contribute specialist skills and resources to help us sail towards a world that unlocks the infinite potential of every child.  

Our advisors and partners contribute their time and expertise on a voluntary or reduced cost basis, helping us to deliver exceptional value for money. These include people and organisations who provide knowledge and expertise in education, learning and organisational development. They help us to cultivate cutting edge tools, resources, approaches and models, drawing on the very latest thinking and best practice. All of which help us to shape world class creative learning spaces for the hardest to reach communities.

These advisors are a diverse pool of talented individuals such as education professionals and child development experts who all have a passion for shaping world class creative learning spaces.

They bring conviction, expertise and thought leadership. In return, Paper Boat offers a stimulating community of brilliant educationalists to collaborate with – all of whom are deeply committed to unlocking children’s potential.