CEDAR (Centre for Education Development Action Research)

Collaborative delivery partner.

CEDAR has worked in partnership with Paper Boat for more than 20 years and given the close alignment of vision, values, purpose and mission serves as Paper Boat’s Nodal Agency in India – providing arms-length coordination, networking, monitoring, evaluation and sharing of learning across our programmes and partnerships.




Jim Dyson

Safeguarding advisor.

Initially Jim and his company Praesidio Global Ltd  became involved with Paper Boat as a commissioned expert consultant to conduct safeguarding audits for all partner organisations in India in 2018. During this process Jim witnessed first-hand our work on the ground and the vulnerabilities faced by the young people we serve.  Since then Jim has continued to support Paper Boat on a voluntary basis and provide ongoing safeguarding support to both the Paper Boat team in the UK and overseas partners.  This transition from working with Paper Boat as a commercial venture to becoming a hugely valued part of the Paper Boat fleet came about as we face an increasingly complex and challenging world and look to support, protect and promote the rights and well-being of young people at the margins in a post-lockdown world. Jim says, “it landed on my heart that this is important, and I have a level of expertise to bring and support in whatever way I can.”  His role is fundamentally to strengthen culture, policy and practice so that we and our partners are better equipped to proactively protect and respect the vulnerable groups supported by Paper Boat. ”

Watch this space as our fleet expands.