Steering the Boat

Steering the Boat

Our Vision

A world that unlocks the infinite potential of every child.

Our Mission

To establish playful and creative learning spaces at the heart of communities through innovative partnerships.

Our Purpose

To listen to young people – inspiring and enabling them to change their world.

Our Values

Courage: child-centred

Creativity: innovative action

Collaboration: stronger together

Our Guiding Stars

  • We meet children’s needs where they are, helping to build resilient communities and families
  • We have the flexibility and expertise to work with the people and communities where the need is greatest
  • We collaborate with the best local partners where problem solving for a better world is a shared responsibility
  • We translate specialist knowledge and groundbreaking thinking into community participation and grassroots project delivery
  • We accommodate and set best practice – our work can be replicated and taken to scale
  • We offer exceptional value for money and can prove it

So that…

  • Vulnerable children are brought up in loving families and caring communities
  • The most vulnerable children have access to learning that doesn’t just increase their knowledge but feeds their imagination
  • The most vulnerable children understand their rights and we help to amplify the quietest voices
  • Supporters can directly invest in children’s ideas and creative solutions and children at the margins can celebrate and achieve real change within their own communities.

Our Policies

Paper Boat Safeguarding Policy July 2020

Safeguarding and child protection are of the highest priority for all at Paper Boat, as such this document is constantly under review to ensure it is a lived documents that reflects current best practice.